Aelfred parser is non validating

18-Nov-2017 02:39

Thank you for any help, Frank Nestel Putting aside for the moment the issue of whether saxon:warning is namespace well-formed, I'd like to look at how saxon responds to rootless output that is a well-formed external entity reference.

aelfred parser is non validating-62

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Right now the program I'm using is quite complex and the documents are large, so I don't have a very good test case. Has Saxon's Tr AX been tested with SAXResult on rootless output documents yet?-- Elliotte I've noticed that when I access Saxon through Tr AX's SAXResult, using a Content Handler of my own device, and apply a stylesheet which generates rootless XML output, (e.g.20 h2 elements), that Saxon fails to call end Element() for all but the first such element.I've managed to reproduce the Saxon bug I reported earlier in a smaller test case. This time, Saxon invokes both start Element() and end Element() a single time each. Here's the sample code that demonstrates the bug: import transform.*; import *; import*; import sax.*; import sax.helpers.*; public class Saxon Bug extends Default Handler Here's a stylesheet to load with it: When run, here's the output you should get, and which is produced by Xalan: Opening h2 Closing h2 Opening h2 Closing h2 Opening h2 Closing h2 Here's what you do get with Saxon.

Opening h2 Closing h2 I hope this is enough to track down this bug. I've run this on Linux with JDK 1.4.0 and I earlier discovered the bug on Linux with JDK 1.3.

(At least the style sheet is simple.) I could possibly whittle this down to a smaller, self-contained test case, but before I spend the time doing that I'd like to know if this is a known bug? -- Elliotte Rusty Harold This is a question I could probably figure myself, but I guess Mike is knowing the answer and I try to safe time.

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